Friday, December 16, 2011

Back to blow dust.

Let’s do some blogging, shall we?

Haven’t been blogging since June and it’s coming towards the end of the year already. It shows how lazy I was.

Let’s do a little update.

1. I’m totally out from college – People have been asking me the WHY question ever since I got dropped out from the college. Not really actually. I do want to continue but due to that one bitchy Management Accounting paper, I can’t proceed to Advance Dip. How nice. AND I got emotionally breakdown due to this. Well, that was totally out of my expectation and I expect to see least with the convo… But oh well, blame yourself for that. Overconfident is the killer.

2. Freelance – Yes, that’s what I’m doing.

3. Stay at home, no more hostel, not much freedom.

4. Still struggling over the same matters.

Well, basically there are the same except that I’ve finally put down THAT burden, temporary, at least. The feeling of relief that you can never imagined! Anyhow I’m gonna face it after a year. Still considering which path to go, I have ALL the time I need.

I’ve been out from the college roughly about 2 months already. And this is what I have achieved! :

1. Visited Singapore and Universal Studio – with my own hard earned money!

2. Outstation to work like Malacca. I got to eat their famous satay celup, mille crepe, awesome crispy popiah – at least some nice food during work !





Update soon!

LOVES ! <3

Sunday, June 5, 2011




Title says it all.

I didn’t know when was the exact month and date I pick up this interest – Photography.

Yeah, sadly, obviously, I did not own any professional camera like DSLR or whatsoever you called it to take nice photos.

Well, I’m actually kinda impress with the outcome of the photos. Looking at the Before and After. Still learning and exploring. At the end of the day, life is all about learning and improving ourselves.



Saturday, June 4, 2011

Imma.......backkkkkkkkk !

Its been half a year since the last time I saw this 'posting-new-post' square box.
Looking at my blog, the latest blog post......wa shit! December! Seriously I didn't know it was that LOOOOOONG man!

I need to be back for real. Reasons?!
1. Desperately to earn more side income (being very honest here)
2. For the purpose of 'sharing'. (right =.=)

So, a short list of what happened in that six months of MIA period (if I could still remember)
1. attend classes.
2. stuck in the hostel
3. activities w the college mates
4. study, assignment
5. attend classes
6. stuck in hostel
7. holiday finally.
8. work
9. shopping
10. depress over pimples


Yeah. Boring. I know right! And this explains why I haven't been blogging for such a long time! Nothing inspires me to blog and lack of motivation! Well, I do have some urge to blog sometimes. You know, when you see your friends updated their blogs happily and shared among other people. Usually I saw on Twitter, "oh, I just updated my blog, go check it out!", "I just blogged about bla bla bla today." Then naturally, I will come across to my dead blog. Don't even know why I have it for.

Anyway. Done with craps. And here goes my latest pictures!

The last activity I had was a 2 days trip to Rawang with my college mates.
Basically, the place we went was just a new environment, a bigger house for us to hang out, mahjong and drink. Not much difference compared to one of the friends' house we usually hanged out.
The only difference was, it has a swimming pool, creepier environment (cos the houses located like in the woods)

The owner actually own this whole piece of land somewhere in Rawang and its totally free for his friends and family to have a relaxing day at his place. That piece of land has a basketball court, a pond for fishing and 3-4 houses for accommodation.

Taken from the up view.

Yes! This is the latest picture of me. I picked the nicest picture of all of course :D
Pretty? I think so too.

Don't be cheated! I tried this errrr....magic BB cream from Etude House that magically covers EVERYTHING! When I say everything, it means EVERYTHING! Including scars, PIMPLES esp. (not the hugeass one la. Of cos its still visible and u can see the bum there) and dark circles!
It absorbs into your skin superbly fast. Fucking magic!

p/s: I have major problem w pimples and I certainly did not photoshop them. Just the lighting.

The people I usually hang out with. <3

Till then. Will be back. xo.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What Berry Are You?

The characters in WhatberryAreYou is damn kawaii. From the 'test', the character I got is the Airy Berry. Airy Berry looks like a bird and it represents Twitter I think. Which means it matches perfectly with my character la since I spend most of my time on Twitter. Therefore Noobberry Plan suits me best. RM33/month. Blackberry without any data plan is no difference with other phones . The only difference is the Qwerty keypad thats it.
Still under consideration whether to subscribe a data plan or not.

Let me cut it short. Go play, and win yourself a Blackberry phone if u're wishing to get one for New year . And it's free . All you have to do is answer the questions and play the game . As simple as that .

Anyway. Don't you think it looks quite similar to Patapon??!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pictures from my BB.

Inspired by Eunice Tam. Since I have nothing to blog so I just grab anything I have in the phone! Ha!

1. Chilli Pan Mee from Kin Kin, Pandan Indah.


2. Marshmallow candy from Taiwan. (Sanitary napkin packaging is loves! Damn kawaii!)


3. Steamboat during rainy days. :)


4. My all time favourite. Maggi goreng + mata kerbau separuh masak . Look at the egg yolk. *drools*


5. Kajang Satay @ Melati Utama


6. TOKI !


7. When was the last time I had this?


8. Yong tau fu for breakfast :D


Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Saturday, November 6, 2010

Uniqlo Fever.

My blog is DEAD DEAD DEAD! Hahaha. The previous post doesn’t even consider as a post. I really need to update more frequent. Tsk tsk.

So YESTERDAY, I’m finally allowing myself to ‘relax’ and had a few hours walk at Bukit Bintang. Hadn’t been there for ages already. Can’t even recall when was the last time I’ve been there.

Anyway, it’s the Uniqlo fever where everyone is so crazeeeee about Uniqlo. Haha. My first time witnessing the craziness of people over a shop.

Look at the crowd. So insanely crazy. I cannot picture the scene of the grand opening. Somebody said those people can’t even get in the shop. I wondered how long they have been waiting and I bet they die die also don’t want to come out.

I think those people are so proud even carrying with a Uniqlo plastic bag. Louis Vuitton also cannot fight weih. Haha.

Below are my self-obsessed pictures. Imma camwhore queen yoo. : D

Close-up picture. Sigh. Screw my pimples ! : (

Loving my eyes makeup . Simple yet nice .

Flip-flop – Best for shopping.

First thing u see - Colorful nails, second thing u see – hair on my fingers. =.=



BYE! : )


Need to start working . Next week gonna be a hectic week . Pimples all berlanbak banyak again. Sigh. FML max.


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